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Have You Tried These 19 Best Link- Building Tricks Yet?

Have You Tried These 19 Best Link- Building Tricks Yet?

Welcome to Bullzeye Media Marketing, where we specialize in boosting your online presence through strategic and effective digital marketing techniques. In the present-day environment where internet use continues to expand, Link- building is fundamental to improving your website’s performance in the current market.

What is Link- building?

Link- building is one of the keystones of search engine optimization, which implies getting links from other websites to yours. A hyperlink, more commonly known as a link, is a tool that allows one to transfer from one web page to another on the World Wide Web.

Search engines utilize these links for crawling; they will crawl the links between the separate pages on a specific site and the links between two different sites. Link- building is building the quantity and quality of inbound links pointing to a specific webpage to raise the search engine ranking of that particular web page or the entire site.

What is Link- building

Link-building methodologies include:

1. Writing articles and blogs and advertising them on the intended website.

2. Contacting related sites and personalities to link back to the intended site.

3. Employing activities that involve the exchange of links with the intended site and other websites.

Moving to 2024, one must be familiar with the up-to-date strategies that work in society. Let’s look at 20 huge tricks of Link- building that will be able to turn your site into a popular one and lift your rank in a search engine.

1. Doing the Guest Blogging on High-Authority Sites

Guest blogging remains one of the most effective ways of creating quality backlinks. By providing helpful information to the target audience and choosing reliable websites on the selected topic, you can achieve the recognition of an expert and receive valuable links. Continually write good posts that provide helpful information to the readers. This is useful not only for gaining web page links but also for directing traffic to such a site and improving your brand’s image.

Example: If you operate a digital marketing blog, you can write a post for a high-traffic website like Moz. You might write a piece like ”The Future of SEO in 2024” and then provide links to the web pages you’d like more attention to. This will assist in acquiring not only backlinks but also traffic and affect the brand’s image.

2. Leverage Influencer Outreach

Influencer promotion means identifying influencers in your field and getting them to share your content. This way, influencers can relay information on your behalf and provide linkbacks to your site, which helps with SEO. Make sure that what you are doing is creating actual connections. You are interacting with the influencers’ content and providing them with something of value in return, whether it be content they would need access to otherwise or opportunities to collaborate.

Example: In the fitness niche, find a fitness influencer who can give you his/her opinion on your product, mention your website, or post on social media with a link to your site. Loyal customers like sharing their experiences in your store/website. They would also appreciate it if they found something exclusive in your products/services that they would not get anywhere else.

3. Create Link-Worthy Content

With link-worth content, one is likely to succeed in any link-building campaign because it forms the basis of every campaign. Concentrate on developing guides, infographics, or research articles that other participants in your industry would like to link to. Backlinks are commonly associated with new, fresh, and attractive content rich with graphics and figures.

Example: Establish an article titled “A complete guide on enhancing one’s website.” Other bloggers and websites can use this article, including linkbacks to your site.

4. Utilize Broken Link- building

Broken Link- building is a strategy whereby you identify some links on other websites that are not intact and recommend some of your content to replace them. This is a win-win situation: The website gets to repair the wrong link, and you get a new backlink. You can sign up on Ahrefs or SEMrush to find broken links in your niche and send the list of suggestions to the site owners.

Example: Find a news article from a highly visited website and find out that it has defective links. Contact the site owner with the broken link and recommend that the owner use your website for an appropriate article. Tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush can assist in this regard as they help find such opportunities.

5. Build Relationships Through Networking

Indeed, interaction with other websites, bloggers, and IT specialists can help obtain links. Go to trade fairs, contribute to a relevant listserve or newsgroup, and actively engage in a Social Network for the industry. Relationships can also result in backlinking because people you know will likely link to your website alone.

Example: That is why it is helpful to attend industry conferences and meetings, interact with the attendees, and probably exchange numbers. Subsequently, sending them more detailed emails suggesting valuable materials from your site is proper, which they might refer to in their further articles.

6. Social Media for Link- building

Social media links mostly hurt SEO, but having social media links provides other indirect benefits. This expands the reach, which in turn increases the chance of more shares and possible backlinks. Share your content with the audience and make them participate in sharing the content with their respective circles.

Example: Link your new blog post to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Interact with the readers by answering their comments and asking them to pass on the articles to their friends.

7. Carry out Primary Research and Polls

Actual research and conducted surveys can produce a significant number of backlinks. If you offer new information or some points of view, other websites will refer to your research and link to your site. Ensure that you effectively and efficiently conduct your research and that your findings are documented in an easily consumable format.

Example: Conduct a survey on “Digital Marketing Trends in 2024” and write the results. Then, let other sites and bloggers in the related industry know about your research so they can refer to your study when using the latter information.

8. Create Resource Pages

Resource pages are defined as pages that contain a list of valuable resources connected with a particular topic. Completing detailed thematic pages and other sites that find the collected materials appropriate will link to your website. Your resource pages are visible to the target groups so that they can benefit from the related link juices.

Example: Build a web page named ”SEO Tools: Your Comprehensive Guide” that lists the best tools and analyzes each one. Ensure that your resource page reaches the intended demographics so the link can benefit from visibility.

9. Implement Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper Technique requires you to identify your niche’s best content and create better content. After you’ve produced better content, people should be informed that you have improved their piece, thus advising them to use the link to the new one. This technique works towards the formulation of link equity to create new backlinks.

Example: Look for an article with a catchy title, “10 SEO Tips for Beginners,” and turn it into an article with a longer list and up-to-date information. Contact the sites that noted the original piece and which do not possess sufficient links and recommend that they link to this better article.

10. Engage in appropriate Topics and Groups

One way to get backlinks is to participate in relevant industry forums and groups where you can genuinely contribute. Provide helpful information, respond to queries, and educate people. Be sure to link to your content where appropriate, but do not stuff your comments with links. Make your contributions valuable.

Example: Forums like the Warrior Forum are common in the marketing industry. Engage in the discussion. Use links, tags, or hashtags where they fit the dedicated subject you are conversing about so that you come across as promoting your content and contributing to the conversation.

11. Use Press Releases for Link Building

Write a press release that is newsy on your latest scorecard, new products, or any other milestone. Post it through trustworthy services that distribute it to newspapers, magazines, television shows, and other platforms to get visibility and, possibly, backlinks.

Example: If your company recently released a revolutionary tool to tokenize the digital marketing space, your PR should be a press release distributed through reliable press release services to attract the attention of Southern Asia’s audience and potentially lead to valuable backlinks.

12. Offer Testimonials

Most organizations have sections on their websites that may include customer testimonials of their products or services. You can quickly negotiate for the needed Backlinks when providing companies with your Testimonials. Make sure that you are giving real testimonials, which should focus on what you gained.

Example: Offer a testimonial for marketing software you currently use, explaining its advantages and importance to your business. This is usually in the form of a testimonial on some function of the company; it could include hyperlinking your site to theirs.

13. Engage in Content Syndication

Blog content syndication means reposting your content on other relevant sites to attract more traffic. Even though syndicated content often indicates problems with canonical tags involving duplicate content, it can provide traffic and backlinks. Select the right syndication partners to work within a similar industry.

Example: Republish the posts on other online platforms such as Medium

or LinkedIn Pulse. These platforms can send more traffic and likely the backlinks to your original content all in one place.

14. Create and Share Infographics

Infographics are viral. They can often be shared across social networking sites, resulting in many hits and backlinks. Design good-looking infographics to explain the data and information derived from the set better. It is advisable to share the infographics on your company’s social media accounts and contact other sites and bloggers to use your visuals.

Example: Create an infographic titled The Evolution of Digital Marketing. Ensure it reaches your followers on social media and email them to other sites and bloggers to host the images.

15. Conduct Expert Roundups

Expert roundups refer to collecting opinions of certain professionals on a given subject. These roundups can generate backlinks because the contributing experts circulate the content. It is also essential that your roundup is based on facts and has compiled contributions from reputable personalities in your field of operation.

Example: Write a blog post for “SEO Trends for 2024” by interviewing 20 digital marketing professionals, rounding up their thoughts, and asking them to share the post with their viewers.

16. Provide the Free Reporting Tools and Resources

Blog posts, calculators, templates, and eBooks are other valuable assets; their creation can ensure the acquisition of links from the sites necessary to utilize such assets. Get in front of your tools in the forums, social sites, and blogs related to the field, and try to have the best link juice possible.

Example: Write software for a basic SEO audit and offer free on your website on all the forums identified earlier. Please post it on different social networks or blogs connected to the industry to increase its visibility and the number of links.

17. Participate in Podcast Interviews

Podcasts are gaining popularity, and participating in podcasts related to your niche could afford you backlinks from the podcast website about yourself, contribute valuable information, and advertise your appearance to get visibility and follow backlinks.

Example: Guest on a digital marketing podcast and speak on an issue of interest in front of a broad audience. Depending on the agreement made with the host of the particular podcast, they are likely to direct the listeners to your website, the show notes.

18. Collaborate with Other Bloggers

Guest blogging is an excellent way to build links with other bloggers operating in the same specialization area. Write articles together, join webinars together, or produce content that each of you can share and promote as coming from your brands.

Example: Create an extensive and in-depth report on “Content Marketing Strategies of 2024” with another marketing blogger and post both links to this guide on your respective blogs.

19. Monitor Competitor Backlinks

Scrutinizing your competitors’ link profiles often provides you with new link-building opportunities. Some competitors get their backlinks from blogs, forums, and guest writing; using Ahrefs or Moz, you can discover where your competitors get these links and then get the same. This tactic mainly assists in the organization’s competition and seeking new link sources.

Example: To complete this task, go to the Ahrefs website and review the backlink profile of a popular competitor in your field. Find sources on which they link heavily and offer those same sources as content with a request for them to link to you.

Ask out of the Box: FAQs

Link- building takes time for results to show, considering the internet has many web pages. The results range from several weeks to several months to observe a significant increase in your website’s rank in Search Engines. Pertinence and quality play the roles of main parameters for stable development.

Well, only if we are to say that all backlinks are valuable, which is not the truth. It is always advised to have links from authoritative sites within your industry rather than links from sites of low quality, such as spam sites. They should get as many backlinks as possible from reputable sources to increase the potential impact.

This act violates Google’s policy, which minimizes its validity and may lead to detrimental effects on SEO. Thus, backlinking should be done naturally, and it is not allowed to abuse some key strategies mentioned in this blog.


Link- building can be considered one of the most significant SEO ranking factors in 2024, and by using these 19 most efficient strategies, you will be able to define your website and receive the highest result in SEO. Regarding digital affiliate marketing, especially on the internet, we are here to assist you through personal and unique goals online.

At Bullzeye Media Marketing, we offer a comprehensive link-building package

designed to boost your website’s performance and strengthen its online presence.

Our services ensure that you not only gain high-quality backlinks but also improve your site’s overall SEO, driving more organic traffic and achieving better search engine rankings.

Let us help you build a robust and effective link-building strategy tailored to your business needs. Trust us, we are just a click away. Have a look at our services and reach out to us at

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