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Our Blog February 19, 2024

Entity Stacking In SEO: Getting Around The Network of Rankings

Writen by Daniel Averilla

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Entity Stacking In SEO Getting Around The Network of Rankings

Entity Stacking In SEO: Getting Around The Network of Rankings

New methods surface in the constantly changing search engine optimization (SEO) field, promising to increase website visibility. One such tactic is Google Entity Stacking, which builds authority and relevance around a particular brand or entity (like your website or business) by leveraging Google’s platforms and online assets like YouTube channels and Google My Business. However, entity stacking requires knowledge and caution to avoid pitfalls like any powerful potion. This method incorporates vital information like name, address, and phone number within each asset, which helps with SEO and builds a company’s authority. Let’s explore the pros, cons, and practicalities of entity stacking and how Bullzeye Media Marketing enables you to explore this complex terrain.

Understanding the Entity

Consider “entity” as Google’s method of comprehending any real-world concept, including a person, company, location, or object. This link-building approach aims to make a brand, its content, and its targeted keywords more relevant and visible by utilizing links to a website from Google platforms and applications. Usually, it entails using Google products like custom Google Maps, Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets to send a link to a website. It will increase link authority and traffic to the target website. Using entity graphs, Google links these entities based on relationships and data from multiple sources. By creating a network of connected Google properties that point back to your website, entity stacking seeks to manipulate this graph.

2023 Submitted Businesses by Entity Types
2023 Submitted Businesses by Entity Types

The Allure of Entity Stacking:

The potential benefits sound tempting:

Increased Brand Awareness: A brand’s visibility and recognition is raised when mentions are dispersed throughout various Google platforms.

Possible Backlink Boost: Backlinks on Google-owned platforms can raise your domain authority and search engine ranking.

SEO Signal Diversification: Diversifying your backlink profile beyond traditional websites can send positive signals to Google’s algorithms.

However, a word of caution, The Risky Infusions:

Possible Google Penalties: Google disapproves of the manipulation of search results. You may be subject to manual penalties that lower your ranking if you engage in excessive entity stacking.

Quality Issues: Poor-quality platforms can hurt SEO and harm your brand’s reputation.

Time and Resource-Intensive: It necessitates a substantial outlay of funds and resources to create and manage content for numerous channels.

Is the Risk Worth It Now?

A Balanced Approach:

When done ethically and strategically, entity stacking can help with SEO. But it’s imperative to:

Concentrate on developing a sincere online presence by producing valuable content for each platform.

Select appropriate platforms: Remain on reputable, high-authority platforms relevant to your audience and niche.

Give the user experience top priority: Avoid duplicating content and optimize each platform’s content for its target audience.

Monitor performance: Track results and adjust your strategy based on data and performance indicators.

“Bullzeye Media Marketing” Your SEO Alchemist:

We support the responsible use of entity stacking’s power. Our knowledgeable staff assists you:

Create data-driven strategies: To create a customized plan, we examine your target market, niche, and current online presence.

Determine reputable platforms: We pick trustworthy venues that fit your objectives and brand.

Produce interesting content: We provide valuable, original content for every platform that aligns with user goals and industry standards.

Monitor and optimize: We keep tabs on performance indicators and hone your approach for ongoing development.

Remember: Recall that entity stacking is not the only component of a comprehensive SEO strategy. Prioritizing the creation of engaging content for your audience and accounting for long-term organic growth is essential.

Let Bullzeye Media Marketing serve as your guide in the dynamic ocean of search engine optimization. We will help you navigate the tricky online success paths without compromising your moral standards.

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