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Instagram Advertising How To Create High Performing Instagram Ads

Instagram Advertising: How To Create High Performing Instagram Ads?

Instagram is one of the most effective platforms for advertising on different social networks. Logging into the site, and getting loaded with various kinds of ads is as normal as swimmers ready to dive in the pool.  Instagram has become just as big an advertising platform as its parent company, Facebook (Meta).

Indeed, in 2023, such website traffic amounted to over 1.3 billion users, according to Datareportal. However, that can represent up to 25% of all Internet users or potential ad reach.

What does that imply to you as the marketer or business personality in the market? If you aim to reach out even more, try Instagram advertising.

The first steps towards a successful Instagram promotion can be as follows: using eye-catching and rather expressive visuals, as well as high-quality images within the ad spaces when users are scrolling through their feeds. Soon, you will be able to reach out to the right user audience for your goods.

However, consider this write-up from Bullzeye Media Marketing as your navigator if you still need clarification about where, how, and when to advertise or the price you are willing to spend on ads. Just read on to learn how to advertise on Instagram and how to best do this regardless of how much you are willing to spend.

Why Advertise on Instagram?

As you know, have you ever considered advertising your products on a social network such as Instagram? Have you used public Wi-Fi? If you haven’t, you should because it offers incredible versatility.

Finally, some still consider Instagram only an application for young people, but this is different. The most active audiences are those aged 18 to 34, although the audience aged 35 to 65 still constitutes over 30% of the service’s total subscribers. Instagram also attracts the bigger age groups.

There are plenty more reasons why you’d want to use Instagram, such as:

  • There are no rules regarding who can advertise on the platform, so literally everyone can
  • You can target audiences with Facebook data since it is under the Meta company
  • Audience engagement is limitless.
  • Users can post remarks on the photos that the businesses can also respond to
  • Even though most ads work like any other shared post on the Instagram platform, they do not necessarily stand out as ‘placed’ advertisements
  • Instagram offers several advertisements based on stories, videos, IGTV, and shopping

Whether it is to create brand awareness, sell goods, or increase downloads of your latest e-book, once you know how to create Instagram ads, a big pool of viewers will be reached.

How Affordable Are Instagram Advertising?

What about Instagram ad costs? There is a complex answer to this question. The price depends on a few factors, including:

  • Nature of the brands you target, describes the audience you want to appeal to.
  • Where precisely can your ad be placed?
  • The type of ad you use?

Second, the prices rise from time to time, especially during the holiday seasons, for instance, around Black Friday every year, when more companies are usually bidding for ad space.

Since the prevalence of people viewing these ads on their mobile devices or tablets, several ad costs have been shifted to cost per thousand viewer impressions (CPM), where the average CPM rate is $7.

Your total cost may vary depending on the campaign you are running. Because you want the best results from your Instagram ads, it is advisable that you set a specific budget before commencing with ads and also track your performance so that you can make changes.

If you are thinking of ways to advertise your products on Instagram, you will first need to know the different choices. Here is a list of all the available Instagram ads so that you can choose one that is best for you and that will make your product exciting and successful. Here are a few options to look into and a tad about how each can be used most proficiently.

Photo Ads

Photo ads appear on the Instagram feed you browse through naturally. Instagram photo advertising appears as any other regular post by any Instagram account you already follow, but there will be a small “Sponsored” note. These ads have a call-to-action button at the lower part to navigate visitors to a particular web page or your Instagram profile.

These are useful if you have an evocative photo that you want to use to pass your message. If you focus on finding buyers for a unique product or conveying a specific message, Instagram suggests this type. Simplicity helps since it makes the ad stand out as people scroll through it. You may notice this to promote your previous posts; therefore, identify your best-performing Instagram posts and hit the promote button.

Carousel Ads

Carousel Instagram ads are the evolution of photo ads. This style allows you to make a sequence of up to 10 photos or videos in one ad. Like photo ads, they are placed in the Instagram feed, and each photo or video can have different web addresses or geographical points connected to it. This enables one to present a series or set of goods.

Whether the ad should be in the form of a photo or carousel ad depends on what you aim to advertise. Avoid getting carried away with carousel ads by cramming as many photos as possible into an ad. One should be able to follow from the other, and all should fit into a pattern. Carousel ads are soothing and grow and shrink as you scroll, just like lookbooks or mini catalogs; thus, carousel ads are ideal for informing the audience of new products or fresh stock during a particular season.

Video Ads

Instagram has even made it easier to market through videos through IGTV ads and feed ads, which are all in the Video ads category. At the same time, Video Instagram ads are what their name suggests, allowing users to share more substantial content. They are seen in the Instagram feed; one can place an advert that is as short as one second or as long as sixty minutes or anything in between.

When posting video ads on Instagram, one must consider the goals they wish to achieve. The same can contain vast information to entertain, educate, or use the ad to hint and invite people to click to get more information.

Remember to catch viewers’ attention quickly and early in the video by:

Starting with a picture, usually an intense, eye-catching one in order to draw people in immediately. This is possible through powerful visuals, bright color, jokes or drama, and cool motionings.

Stimulate the audience or encourage them to click on the link by giving them something to think about, such as a deep caption or a sneak peek into the content of the material.

Instagram Shopping

As you may know, there is no longer a shopping section on Instagram. Shopping shows up in Reels, Feeds, and Ads. Regarding Instagram shopping ads, sellers can place shopping tags, which are incredibly convenient for buyers as they can easily find and purchase products. To use this ad option, you need to have an Instagram shop.


These ads are a combination of carousel ads and shopping ads, which help you promote products in your Instagram catalog. They’re mobile ads for different e-commerce brands, and one can buy something via an ad from the Instagram application.

Advertisers can include product tags on carousels, and the carousel allows for up to 20 items. Also, an Instagram Shop will enable you to display products and highlighted collections. These are wishlists, brand guides, live shopping, saved collections, and IG shopping, found on the Instagram application.

Instagram reel

These ads appear before or after reel videos or sometimes even in between. They have the same format as an Instagram reel video, so users will perceive the ad as a standard reel video. Instagram reel ads can be up to thirty seconds and play on a complete vertical screen in a loop. You can base them on a hashtag version of Instagram, precisely the TikTok style.

It is only justified to state that reels can be a game changer.


Just like other Instagram ads, Stories are integrated directly into the Stories section, and thus, the target audience comes across the content there while going through other stories of accounts they follow.

While suggesting how best to maximize these ads, Instagram proposes focusing on motion, placing the message at the beginning, and stating that it is compatible with the format of stories.


Ads appear in the users’ Explore feed, where people can find something new based on their preferences. These ads can be photos or reels primarily intended to recommend relevant content. Depending on whom a user follows, the pictures and videos they’ve liked or commented on, and their association with Instagram, they find this in Explore.

Explore ads can help you:

  • Engage a dramatically more significant number of identified consumers.
  • Increase visibility
  • Gain new followers
  • Raise awareness of the existing profiles and websites
  • Ad guidelines specifically for Instagram

However, any form of advertising on Instagram requires a proper plan for what you intend to achieve from the advertisement. Consequently, when it comes to aims like brand recognition, lead magnets, and conversions, each goal can require different plans.

If you have established your purpose, you can follow the budget you have set, decide on your ad forms, and select your niche using Instagram’s targeting filters.

Here are some best practices for Instagram Ads

Given that viewers sometimes switch off a program after the first few seconds of a program, you should be able to grab the attention of your target audience in the initial stages.

This means that one should use the different formats to test which format elicits the most clicks. For instance, enduring types such as the Carousels can either narrate a story or display several products. With stories, you can use additional features such as polls or questions.

First, ensure that the images are of the highest quality, correspond to your company’s style, and would be interesting to your target audience.

Packaging your core messaging at the beginning of the video remains vital so your audience is hooked.

If users like your style, write attractive captions to ensure your post will be noticed if it is chosen for Explore.

After posting your ads:

  • Track the analytics.
  • Perform fundamental changes if necessary.
  • Regulate the ads in Instagram in Ads Manager.

Applying these recommendations makes it possible to cook up better and more engaging Instagram ads in single or multiple formats.

Instagram Advertising: What the Heck Is It and How Can You Use It?

Do you want to discover how to advertise on Instagram? Here goes the brief explanation from Bullzeye Media Marketing:

First, join Ads Manager, a Facebook tool that allows for creating, placing, and tracking an ad.Oue social media team always suggests our clients to have Facebook Business Page, which automatically provides you with an Ads Manager account.

See the Instagram Ads in Ads Manager page for a more detailed guided tutorial on how to run an ad.

Lastly, remember to go to the Instagram Blog. It’s crammed full of articles instructing good techniques for getting the full potential out of your advertisement.

For example, you’ll find a guide on creating the best Reels and a guide on how to start using AR ads on Instagram.

Some examples of Instagram Adverts

Are you interested in listening to how the professionals do it? Below, we figured out how some big brands apply Instagram advertising and marketing.

Tim Hortons

It is intensive in the use of social media but has a particular inclination for Instagram. The coffee shop interacts with its millions of followers on IG through various IG ads such as carousel ads, reels, and posts. It mixes its products with a cheerful Hashtag, Thumbs Up, or both.

Louis Vuitton

This global brand dominates the application, through its regularity and high class fashion quotes constitute some of its features. It also works with names well known to the new demographic to appeal to the audience. It excels in video, though its posts are not behind. On an average its reels crosses 3 million views in a short span of time with thousands of likes and numeral comments.

Ask Out of the Box: FAQs

It depends on the target market and which platform they are more active either Facebook or Instagram deciding to run Facebook or Instagram ads. You can also run on both platforms to cover as much of the audience as possible while interacting with the audience.

Creating Instagram ads directly with an account on this social network is only possible. Indeed, it is possible to use the Facebook business page to configure the Instagram promotion even if the account is not possessed.

The cost of Instagram ads depends on factors such as impressions or click-throughs. On average, the cost per thousand impressions, also called CPM, is $7. or CPC, which here for the CPLC is $33. 79, and the firm’s LCTR is 0. 93 percent. Nevertheless, the costs may differ depending on the place, category, and other aspects of the facility’s service provision.


If there is one thing you discover about your customers, you notice that they spend most of their time on Instagram; using ads would be effective. For those who wish to boost their social media marketing game, they need a plan. Advertising on Instagram can be beneficial, but it has to be monetized in a way to ensure your business posts organically reach more people. To achieve more views, likes, comments and ensure Instagram ad success contact us as we supremely provide Social Media Marketing Services.

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