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Fashion & Luxury

We carefully curate plans that channel your brand and surpass your goals. Our elite team of digital experts help to solve your eco-system deficiencies. Our goal is to leverage your brand’s equity to maximize revenue across all digital verticals. We utilize detailed analytics to implement strategies, nurturing your growth and ensuring sustainable long-term success.

(01) Platform Migration

Just saying those two words creates incredible anxiety for most organizations and teams. We have performed over 120 platform migrations from Magento to Shopify and vice-versa. To date, we have migrated $1.8-2.2 billion in ecommerce revenue. These migrations are performed under the most stringent of protocols, being tactical at every juncture. A successful migration for Bullzeye includes the preservation and often times a slight elevation of legacy traffic and revenue.

We are often called upon as the most necessary “insurance policy” by top ecommerce development agencies, brand managers, VPs of ecommerce and C-Suite professionals who need to guarantee traffic and revenue preservation. Our thorough process and detailed approach will take the guess work out of ensuring that brand equity is never lost. At SkyDiamond, our vast experience and expertise lend itself to a smooth transition, safeguarding your traffic and limiting your disruptions.

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(02) New Customer Acquisition

Much like your brand, we evolve when new trends and technologies emerge. Sustainable growth for any company is contingent upon acquiring new customers.
Our marketing strategies utilize every demographic and behavioral analysis technique required to obtain a continuously expanding and loyal consumer base. Acquiring top of funnel customers is the most challenging of all marketing activities. We are experts at amplifying existing and non-existing acquisition channels to ensure long-term customer growth. This allows us to be the conduit that amplifies your brand.

(03) Google Suite
E- Commerce Optimization

There are key insights which can be unlocked within paid search, paid social, organic, email/sms and affiliate channels by optimizing Google’s core technology suite.

Our extensive success utilizing Google suite has allowed us to deliver consistent wins across our fashion and luxury portfolio. It is this formulaic approach to customizing setups across Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Merchant Center and Search Console that has allowed us to accelerate growth without having to test and learn.

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(04) E-Commerce- Revenue Elevation & Digital Brand Amplification

When CEOs feel the pinch of stagnant sales, they go searching for answers (It’s why you’re here). Seeking out companies to solve this dilemma is not unlike a trip to the dentist; often times painful and rarely do you leave with a smile. Most of these companies are the Novocain, easing the pain but rarely correcting the actual problem. SkyDiamond is surgical in its approach. We identify the root problem, extrapolate the deficiencies and optimize the surrounding area to create a lasting smile. By customizing your digital experience, we expand your audience, bringing new opportunities to drive sales. Our goal is to help deepen your brands engagement.

No Annual Contracts
No Uncertainty
No Pressure On You

Our experience and confidence in our abilities allow us to create Month-to-Month performance based campaigns that eliminate wasted time and added stress.
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