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Market research is an incredibly powerful tool for gathering consumer insight –understanding the behaviors and attitudes of different demographic groups.

We use research as a storytelling tool. To create interesting, newsworthy stories and to add depth to a media campaign. Our news team explore topics with “talk value” and create news stories around a theme that is relevant to the brand commissioning the research.

Our research division OnePoll conducts the research. Our team of experienced journalists write the news stories, and we guarantee media coverage every time.

To find out more and request a rate card, contact our team.

“Working with the Bullzeye team is a pleasure, from ideation to execution and results. The overall operation is smooth and dependable, always delivering on time or even early. And the results have been very consistent, netting our brand dozens of mentions in major national and regional websites, which is exactly what we were looking for.” Jake Smith, VP of Marketing at RMI


Unlock The Potential Of Advanced Technology And AI For Profitable Lead Generation: Scorpion’s Expertise In Optimizing Digital Marketing Campaigns

Executing effective digital marketing and advertising campaigns across numerous locations can be a daunting endeavor. However, with Bullzeye`s expertise, you can tap into the power of machine learning models to optimize both organic and paid campaigns. By precisely targeting and delivering high-quality leads that readily convert into customers, Bullzeye enables your business to thrive across all your locations, ensuring maximum success in the digital realm.

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Awesome Images


Eliminate the need for guesswork when it comes to assessing the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns. Our advanced technology allows us to meticulously track every touchpoint that your prospects and customers have with your brand across various digital channels. From impressions and website visits to phone calls, online forms, scheduled appointments, and even text messaging, we handle the heavy lifting for you and your franchise owners. With our comprehensive tracking capabilities, you’ll have the valuable insights you need to determine what’s working well and make necessary adjustments for optimal results.

Our ‘Custom Project’ is a comprehensive survey-led news story package that includes brainstorming news story angles, online research, news copywriting, infographic design, supporting animated infographic and media distribution – with guaranteed results.

The package features five steps to success:

1. Brainstorm. Our journalists generate survey-led news ideas and top-line story angles for your brand or campaign.

2. Survey. Our researchers draft survey questions, conduct an online survey and collate the data. This includes additional questions of your own to gather further insights.

3. Infographic. We create a branded infographic using your survey results, created by our in-house design studio.

4. Animated infographic. We produce a short, branded animation using the infographic imagery to tell your story in a video format.

5. Distribution. Our media liaison team distribute your story and visual assets to news sites. A full coverage report is produced.

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Awesome Images

With our OnePoll research division, we have direct access to an extensive online panel of thousands of consumers who are ready and willing to complete our surveys.

As well as conducting PR Surveys, we also offer a flexible research-only service. With our online quantitative research, you can gather valuable data and insights from your target audience.

We are always happy to help with the design stage of a research project. You can provide us with your questionnaire, and we will review, make recommendations and draft the survey questions on your behalf. Our research team run the online research obtaining the required number of respondents, then collate and supply the data.

-Sample sizes range from 500 to 10,000 U.S. consumers
-Age, gender and region breakdowns are standard
-Specialist panels and demographics are available on request

Our designers transform survey data and information into visually stunning infographics and animated graphics.

They are incredibly effective devices for summarizing and showcasing the key findings and stand-out statistics from a piece of research. And our infographics have covered a diverse range of subject matters – from health, families, love and relationships to business, travel, technology, finance and more!

These visual assets are designed for use in media campaigns and as branded content that can be published and shared across a brand’s own channels.

Infographics and animated infographics are included in our ‘Custom Package’ and we offer a Social Media Assets add-on service for clients looking to really make their stats stand out on social. Find out more about our infographics and visual content.

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